Friday, September 26, 2014

I'm back?

It has been well over two years since I've posted on this blog. I could make excuses like I finished grad school, got a job, my wife had a baby, I got a new job, I moved...
What was I saying? Oh yeah, I won't make excuses for not writing anything on here. I was really into this for a while, and then I wasn't. My life is full of projects I got excited about and then just kind of forgot like writing a book, creating a mobile app, raising my daughter, writing comic-book reviews, painting my deck... But I'm back into this again, maybe. It's the fall of 2014 and I've got something to say. Well not right now, I need to clean the house and mow the lawn. Also I have these bar chairs I've been meaning to reupholster. But soon?

Be patient

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