Saturday, November 27, 2010

Megamind: Some Quick Thoughts

Megamind is the new animated feature from Dreamworks, a smart superhero spoof where the villain is the main character. If you were bothered in any way by The Incredibles borrowing from the Fantastic Four, than brace yourself for Megamind, cause from just the opening credits it more than just borrows from Superman mythos.
Say what?!

In fact there is no getting around it. Brad Pitt's Metroman is Superman while Tina Fey's Roxanne Ritchi is Lois Lane. Though Will Ferrell's MegaMind is a bald super genius who squanders his gifts on a pointless obsession with defeating the super hero, he turns out to be a more sympathetic character than Lex Luthor. In fact, MegaMind reminds me a lot of Peter Parker, only without a kindly old uncle he learns amazing life lessons from, and inadvertently kills. Megamind is a nerdy outcast who resorts to villainy not because he's really evil, but because it's the only way for him to get attention. It becomes his role to be the enemy of the hero, but when he actually succeeds, he finds himself reevaluating what his life is all about. It's Jonah Hill's Tighten who, while being reminiscent to Jimmy Olsen, shows a much more real and scary type of villainy: lazy, selfish, and entitled with way too much power. The themes in this movie are pretty obvious and heavy handed. While it does have some fantastic sequences and some interesting ideas, it is a pretty predictable story. I'm sure you can probably guess how it ends, but it is fun getting there. The animation is fantastic, of course, and the voice acting is all top notch. I should mention David Cross' Minion just because he has some great lines and David Cross is awesome in everything.
He would have been perfect as Megamind, himself.

Overall, it's a fun but predictable movie, I give it a B+.

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