Monday, April 19, 2010

Dancing with... some people

Reality television. Like two trashy girls outside a Sbarro's in the food court fighting about and even trashier guy it's loud, obnoxious, pointless, and will keep going on as long as people are watching. And we keep watching, don't we?
Yes, I said we, unfortunately. I am currently typing this while my wife is watching Dancing With the Stars. I could just type this in another room, but I'm not. I keep watching. I am part of the problem.

You know the concept of this show, the title leaves little to the imagination. The thing is, are these people stars? I guess there are various degrees of stardom. I guess a couple of these people are B list, but most are C or D list. I think it's pretty sad when the most famous person on the show is Pamela Anderson. I guess I would call her B list, even though she's on the Hepatitis C list. Then there was Shannen Doherty, but I bet there's a whole generation who doesn't know who she is. If the world were fair, Buzz Aldrin would be the most famous cause he, you know, actually accomplished something. But alas, the second man on the moon was the second voted off... try not to put any of that into perspective, it's depressing.

Then you have a soap star, a pussycat doll, an ESPN reporter, a figure skater, the reno 911 woman, a football player and two reality "stars". The Bachelor (not the first one, the latest one) and a woman who's famous for being a negligent mom and bitch to her husband. Can they even do that? Well Gosellin is the most talked about contestant, and she can't dance worth shit. Seriously, my dog scratching her ass on the carpet has better rhythm . But she'll stay on because people talk about her. She'll bitch and cry every week, but she'll stay. My vote is for Erin Andrews.

Oh good, during commercials we're flipping to a Paris Hilton show. Fucking awesome. At least DWTS requires these people to work and show some skill. In fact, there is one reality show that I do like to watch. At risk of calling question to my heterosexuality, I have to admit it's Project Runway. It's interesting to see the contestants create new outfits each week. It's a skill that is completely foreign to me, so I find it fascinating. Also, models.

(Yeah, this show is soooooo gay!)

So this isn't the first time I've bitched about reality t.v. and it won't be the last. I guess I should learn to live with it. I guess we are only watching till 9 then watching more Breaking Bad so yay me! Just remember people, especially you young ones. Don't try to act like the people do on these shows. All these people are acting, despite what the genre is supposed to be about. It's all filler and fake drama. Make sure you're drama is real please. And don't fight in my mall please.

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karen said...

As bad as these reality shows are, the big hit "GLEE" is worse. My first and last viewing of this show consisted of three different people (students and teachers alike) trying to "cure" the problem of virginity afflicting their friends/mates. Such a family show we do not need. Thanks FOX, for your family values display!