Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Even more crap!

I've been watching a lot of South Park lately. I haven't had cable for years so I've had some catching up to do. I love the internet. Now I think South Park is smart and very funny. Watching eight episodes in a row, however, serves to show how repetitive it can be. They are constantly challenging social trends, but they tend to use the same movie satires and dramatizations to carry their message. Whether or not you love or hate the show, you can always find at least a kernel of truth in their message.

This is true of one episode I watched recently titled More Crap. This episode is from season 11 and to you rich cool people with cable this may seem like old news, but I just saw it for the first time so shut up. Basically there were two main themes in this episode. First, men are especially proud of their bowel movements, something women will never understand. Second, Bono does a lot of good things for the world but he still seems like a piece of crap.
Look at the look of awe on the men's faces and annoyance and confusion on the women's. I'll be the first to admit having felt a certain amount of pride for an especially large poo. I have also been called in by certain friends to observe their own fecal creation. What's with that?

It has been theorized that men have womb envy, and pride of poop stems from that. It makes some sense I guess. Every single day we interact with awesome things that women have crapped out: us. Hell, we ourselves are living lady craps. Maybe that knowledge haunts us men and we want to be able to produce something important too. Well when faced with this suggestion I did what everybody seeking knowledge does. I consulted that "Tome of Knowledge About Everything Everywhere": Wikipedia.

Here is an interesting passage about Womb Envy from wikipedia: Womb envy, a term coined by Karen Horney, is the neo-Freudian feminist equivalent of penis envy. Horney suggests that it is the unexpressed anxiety felt by some men over women's ability to give birth, leading them to dominate women or driving them to succeed in order for their names to live on.[1] Horney claims that men experience womb envy more powerfully than women experience penis envy because 'men need to disparage women more than women need to disparage men'.[2]
Horney considers it likely that Womb envy is a psychosocial tendency, just as penis envy is, rather than a quality inherent in men.

I noticed two things from this passage. First, her name is Karen Horney!!! hahahahahaha!!!

Second, there is no mention of poop. But apparently "men need to disparage women more than women need to disparage men." BULLSHIT! Apparently Ms. (I'm assuming she's not married) Horney *snicker* has never had dinner at the Taylor house. Has she even seen Everybody Loves Raymond? I think not.

So we may never know why men are so proud of their turds. We do know that women will never understand it because they are stupid. I'm sorry I just can't myself, I really need to disparage women for some reason. I... must...oppress...women...

...Stupid Horney...

Wow, two posts in one day. That's what happens when you have 3 months of paid vacation I guess. I have GRE's in exactly two weeks, and I should be studying but I'm not. I wonder why that is. Is it because of my self destructive tendencies or is it just plain hubris? Let's let America decide!!! Yay!!!

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