Thursday, September 25, 2008

The battle of the millenium!

November is right around the corner and one question is on everybody's mind: Who would win in a fight between Batman and Spiderman? The fate of the free world is at stake and this debate is ripping this country in half. Yet, a large part of the country is distracted by this McCain/Obama debacle. Now, I can't predict the outcome to either of these showdowns, but I do have my opinions. And now, thanks to some art from a Entertainment Weekly issue over the summer, I feel obliged to combine the two!

Obama/Spiderman vs. McCain/Batman!

The older of the two fighters and seen as the more experienced and “battle tested”. He has a tragic past which some say drives his present activities. Although a strong leader and confident tactician, one of his biggest weapons is fear. There is danger on every doorstep and it must be constantly dealt with by any means necessary, even if the normal people don’t understand these means. Those means, after all, will eventually be justified by the ends. He’s always wearing a snazzy belt which may or may not have a hidden stash of kryptonite. He is reputed to have quite the temper, though this could be exaggerated. The truth is, people tend to have a limited view on this man, focusing on one aspect of a multi-faceted individual. Some people see a war hero and a natural leader, some see an old man in a young man’s game, and some see an accomplice in a budding fascist regime.

This fighter may lack experience, but he seems to make up for it with a quick wit and good intentions. He seems to be in this fight for all the right reasons. He has great power and consistently claims that he uses it responsibly, but how much do we really know about his intentions? There are news organizations (Fox News / Daily Bugle) that view this man as a fraud and a liar and exploit every opportunity to support these claims. Some disregard this as meaningless vitriol while others hang on every word as if it were gospel. So who's right? Is this man virtuous hero he claims to be or is he just a power hungry con artist? Is his youth and ambition an asset or a liability? I am pretty sure that he could not win this battle using defense alone. We can anticipate that his opponent will have a very strong offense, and history had shown us that taking the high road and not fighting back against an opponent like this can be disastrous. Do you remember John Kerry's platform, or any of the Riddler's riddles? I don't either, but I do remember flip-flopping and ass-kicking! Integrity is a neat looking word, but sometimes the enemy will take the low blow and you have to respond or lose. Fortunately, this fighter seems to be able to see attacks coming and respond accordingly. But will he be able to keep it up?

So there you have it, no answers, just more questions. Who knows what will happen? I certainly don't. I guess it's all moot because they would both be creamed by Al Gore/Captain Planet. Heart!!!